Children and youth

Children and youth

Junior Church (for children aged 4-11) takes place during term time only:

Currently Junior Church is only running on one Sunday a month as follows,

23rd September at 9.30am at Good Easter church (Harvest Festival in church)

28th October at 9.30am at Good Easter church

25th November at 9.30am at Good Easter church

Royal Quest, Ten Parishes Holiday Club – Summer 2018

There are many kings and queens in the Bible and. this August, we looked at  a few of them throughout the Summer Holiday Club.  We started with King Solomon and as well as hearing his story, we made kites and touched and smelt some of the spices the Queen of Sheba might have brought when she visited Solomon.  Esther helped us understand that sometimes choices can be hard to make but God is always with us if we trust in him.  And finally we looked at King Jesus and how different he was to all the other kings and queens.

Details of our next holiday club events to follow …………