Churchyard Memorials


Thank you for accessing this information and for working with us to ensure that our churchyards remain a place of solace and dignity in accordance with ecclesiastical law. 
We hope this leaflet on Grave Memorials  will provide you with the information you need to make your decisions on the most appropriate memorial for your loved one. The guidance contains information explaining when memorials can be placed and on placing flowers, and also explains what is not permitted and why. Please get in touch if you require any information or would like to discuss further.

If you are considering a memorial in one of our cremated remains areas, please get in touch as the memorials permitted vary from church to church dependant on the faculty that is in place.

Many of our churchyards are supported and maintained by volunteers and we would welcome any offers of practical help.



Making almost any physical change to our church building, their contents or the churchyards requires permission from the Consistory Court of the Diocese, called a Faculty. This system ensures that proper care is taken of these historic places and that whatever is done is properly considered beforehand and carried out in the most appropriate way. It also takes the place of Listed Building Consent normally required for secular listed buildings.

This process always requires churches to display a notice of any works inside and outside the church building for 28 days. This allows the public to be notified of the works and to have the opportunity to object. Whilst our churches are closed and it is not possible to display the notice inside the building, we have been instructed to display the notice of works on our website, as well as on the outside notice board.

An application has been received for the replacement of a memorial in High Roding churchyard, any replacement of a memorial requires a faculty. You can view the documents below, please get in touch if you have any questions.

Public Notice of application – 3169 High Roding All Saints Public Notice

Layout of proposed memorial 3169 High Roding All Saints Document