Easter 2022

Wednesday 13th April

Easter is a time for us to reflect on the journey of Jesus and his disciples that brought them to the events of the crucifixion and resurrection, both are key and significant within the Christian story. Walking the stations of the cross gives us an opportunity to engage with that last walk that Jesus took, and the story of those he met along the way. It is difficult not to be moved by this event and on Wednesday the 13th of April, we will be sharing this story through readings, prayer and reflection and art. We meet in the Carpark of the Black Lion pub in High Roding at 7pm and walk the high street where stations of the cross have been placed. If you are not able to join us that evening then you can take the walk yourself and read each station which has been posted as an A4 poster with picture, reading and prayer.

Maundy Thursday

11.00am – BCP Holy Communion, Great Canfield

6.00pm – CW Holy Communion, Abbess Roding

Good Friday

11.00am – Family Worship, Good Easter

2.00pm – Final Hour, High Roding

Easter Sunday 

6.30am – Sunrise Service, Beauchamp Roding

9.30am – Easter Communion (BCP), Great Canfield

9.30am – Easter Communion (BCP), Margaret Roding

11.00am – Easter Communion (CW), High Easter

11.00am – Easter Communion (CW), Leaden Roding with Robert

4.00pm – Easter Communion (BCP), Abbess Roding