Parish News Magazine

Parish News is a monthly magazine covering the 10 villages which make up the Easters, Rodings and Great Canfield.

Our editorial team produces an 80 page magazine for the months, February, April, June, August, October and December covering church news, reports from village groups and details of events coming up, plus a whole range of articles of general interest. On alternate months, January, March, May, July, September and November the team produce a 44 page magazine.

Parish News is a subscription magazine and costs £10 for the year (12 editions), which includes delivery to your door! Or you can buy individual copies from the churches or local shops and pubs at the face value of £1.20. All proceeds from Parish News go towards helping to fund our 10 parish churches.

We are most grateful to all those who give of their time to produce and distribute the magazines each month. And we are especially grateful to our local businesses who choose to support us by taking advertising space.

If you would like to know more about the costs of advertising in the magazine, or if you wish to submit an item for inclusion, deadline 19th of the month, or if you would like to receive a copy of Parish News please get in touch via the contacts page on this website.


The vicar’s letter for May 2022 is below.

Dear Friends, 

As we make our way through the Easter Season on our way to the feast of the Ascension, I want to share with you an image of discipleship that I often share with people as they try to work out what it might mean to follow Jesus.

Being a disciple is to become a treasure hunter. Being a disciple can be a bit like being one of those Aussie Gold Hunters whose adventures you can follow on Quest, or Netflix. It is like searching for nuggets amongst the dust with your metal detector, knowing the dust might be full of tiny gold but as you journey on the thing you want to carry with you are nuggets. Those little treasures that will make you rich. Let me add here that being a Vicar never made anyone wealthy. But riches come in various guises. The nuggets from God are not meant to be stored in vaults they are meant to be shared, and so this gold hunter wants to share some nuggets I found recently in a book.

‘The Splash of Words’ by Mark Oakley which is subtitled ‘believing in poetry’       explores the poetic nature of holy manuscripts and especially the Bible. Two of the spiritual nuggets I picked up from just reading the introduction include: “Scripture is more poetry plus than science minus.” Think on that a while. If we think the Bible is a science textbook for life, then we approach it without expecting mystery. Poetry is full of mystery and leaves us looking for answers that always remain elusive. Scripture becomes less instruction and more invitation to seek after God.

And then there is: “Jesus never said: ’The Kingdom of Heaven is’, he always said: ‘The kingdom of heaven is like’.”  A subtle difference, but in that one word, like, the image becomes less defined, more mysterious and resistant to simplistic dogma. Jesus invites us to adventure with God, not to take up a little book of answers.

I have to confess I am often left struggling with poetry but that is another lesson. If poetry is sacramental, a glimpse of the holy in the material, then it invites me into mystery, and God is first a mystery, but a mystery that whispers that there is joy in the question, laughter in the seeking, and a wonder that I may never understand. Happy gold hunting!

Every blessing.  Rev’d Robert Stone